Tree growth ten years after residual biomass removal, soil compaction, tillage, and competing vegeta

What does a forest look like ten years after humans have removed biomass? The objective of this investigation was to examine the effects of residual biomass removal, soil compaction, tillage following compaction, and competing vegetation control on subsequent stand productivity through 10 growing seasons.

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5. Energy decisions are influenced by economic, political, environmental, and social factors.
6. The amount of energy used by human society depends on many factors.
7. The quality of life of individuals and societies is affected by energy choices.
8. Wood based bio-fuels are one form of energy that is renewable

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7.3 Environmental quality is impacted by energy choices.

8.1 Sources of cellulosic residuals used are found in forest operations and in industry process

8.8 Life cycle analysis take account of ecological factors that are in steps of the supply chain.

6.2 One way to manage energy resources is through conservation.

5.6 Energy decisions are influenced by environmental factors.