Jatropha curcas, a promising crop for the generation of biodiesel and value-added coproducts

The review highlights the specific features of the Jatropha curcas plant and its potential for the production of biofuel, protein concentrates as livestock feed and value-added products that could enhance the economic viability of Jatropha seed oil-based biodiesel production. The roles of the plant in carbon capture, enhancing socio-economic conditions, food production in the tropical regions, and influencing micro-climate, vegetation and soil quality are discussed. The paper also gives a comparative account of the toxic and non-toxic genotypes of J. curcas from the point of view of their physical and chemical properties and their potential for biodiesel and livestock feed production. Future areas of research are also presented.

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6. The amount of energy used by human society depends on many factors.
4. Various sources of energy are used to power human activities.

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4.3 Fossil and biofuels are organic matter that contain energy captured from sunlight.

6.5 Social and technological innovation affects the amount of energy used by human society.

4.7 Different sources of energy and different ways energy is transformed, transported, and stored.