Electricity Generation

This five minute animated video describes the process of how electricity is generated from raw materials and makes its way into homes. It briefly describes several types of raw materials (coal, water, natural gas, wind and solar) but doesn't differentiate between renewable and non-renewable energy sources. It can be used as a platform to discuss types of energy (in this case, electricity), energy transfer and storage, how energy can be produced from many different sources, and energy and infrastructures are required in the transfer and storage of energy.

Related Topics:
6. The amount of energy used by human society depends on many factors.
4. Various sources of energy are used to power human activities.

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Electricity Generation
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Related Sub-Topics

4.5 Humans generate electricity in multiple ways.

4.1 Humans transfer and transform energy from the environment into forms useful for human endeavors

4.6 Humans intentionally store energy for later use in a number of different ways.

6.4 Earth has limited energy resources.

4.7 Different sources of energy and different ways energy is transformed, transported, and stored.

4.4 Humans transport energy from place to place.