An Exploration of Wind Energy & Wind Turbines

This unit, which includes both a pre and post test on wind power engages students by allowing them to explore connections between wind energy and other forms of energy. Students learn about and examine the overall design of a wind turbine and then move forward with an assessment of the energy output as factors involving wind speed, direction and blade design are altered. Students are directed to work in teams to design, test and analyze components of a wind turbine such as blade length, blade shape, height of turbine, etc Student worksheets are included to facilitate the design and analysis process. Learning Goals: Below are the learning targets for the wind energy unit. I can explain how wind is produced and what makes for a good wind energy site. I can explain why electricity generated from wind is a "good" source of energy. I can identify the major components of a wind turbine. I can list several of the design factors that produce efficient wind turbines I can describe at least one occupation associated with wind turbines and know what education is required for this position. I use sound experimental design practices while performing my investigation.

Related Topics:
2. Physical processes on Earth are the result of energy flow through the Earth system.
5. Energy decisions are influenced by economic, political, environmental, and social factors.

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Related Sub-Topics

2.3 Earth’s weather and climate are mostly driven by energy from the Sun.

5.3 Energy decisions can be made using a systems-based approach.