Biomass Feedstock Pre-Processing– Part 1: Pre-Treatment

The two main sources of biomass for energy generation are purpose-grown energy crops and waste materials (Larkin et al., 2004). Energy crops, such as Miscanthus and short rotation woody crops (coppice), are cultivated mainly for energy purposes and are associated with the food vs. fuels debate, which is concerned with whether land should be used for fuel rather than food production. The use of residues from agriculture, such as barley, canola, oat and wheat straw, for energy generation circumvents the food vs. fuel dilemma and adds value to existing crops (Chico-Santamarta et al., 2009). In fact, these residues represent an abundant, inexpensive and readily available source of renewable lignocellulosic biomass (Liu et al., 2005).

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8. Wood based bio-fuels are one form of energy that is renewable

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8.3 Pretreatment processess makes sugars more available.

8.1 Sources of cellulosic residuals used are found in forest operations and in industry process