New York DEC Awards Nearly $930,000 In Urban Forestry Grants

40 different sites have been funded by the states Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) to help promote clean air, clean water, energy savings and improve quality of living for New York residents.

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2. Physical processes on Earth are the result of energy flow through the Earth system.
3. Biological processes depend on energy flow through the Earth system.
5. Energy decisions are influenced by economic, political, environmental, and social factors.
7. The quality of life of individuals and societies is affected by energy choices.
4. Various sources of energy are used to power human activities.

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Related Sub-Topics

3.6 Humans are part of Earth’s ecosystems and influence energy flow through these systems.

7.6 Some populations are more vulnerable to impacts of energy choices than others.

5.1 Decisions concerning the use of energy resources are made at many levels.

5.7 Energy decisions are influenced by social factors.

4.1 Humans transfer and transform energy from the environment into forms useful for human endeavors

3.1 The Sun is the major source of energy for organisms and the ecosystems of which they are a part

2.3 Earth’s weather and climate are mostly driven by energy from the Sun.

2.6 Greenhouse gases affect energy flow through the Earth system.

2.7 The effects of changes in Earth’s energy system are often not immediately apparent.

2.4 Water plays a major role in the storage and transfer of energy in the Earth system.