ORNL: Unlocking lignin for sustainable biofuel

Turning trees, grass, and other biomass into fuel for automobiles and airplanes is a costly and complex process. Biofuel researchers are working to change that, envisioning a future where cellulosic ethanol, an alcohol derived from plant sugars, is as common and affordable at the gas station as gasoline. The key to making this vision a reality? Unraveling the tightly wound network of molecules—cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin—that make up the cell wall of plants for easier biofuel processing.

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8. Wood based bio-fuels are one form of energy that is renewable

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8.3 Pretreatment processess makes sugars more available.

8.7 Co-products in biofuel production use lignin in many ways.

8.1 Sources of cellulosic residuals used are found in forest operations and in industry process