Oregon Biofuels and Biomass: Woody Biomass in Oregon - Current Uses, Barriers and Opportunities for

The Oregon University System, working in partnership with the Oregon Economic & Community Development Department, commissioned a bio-fuels industry readiness survey for Oregon. This report serves as one component of the readiness survey. The report has three primary sections: • An overview of the current forest products industry in Oregon combined with estimates of regional biomass supply; • A review of literature related to use of woody biomass in Oregon for biofuels and bio-based products; and • Interviews with key stakeholders - private landowners and manufacturers that use wood products residues (including wood-based composites and pulp & paper). Information from the three sections is used to determine implications for research needs related to woody biomass utilization in Oregon. Findings of the report are intended to assist decision makers determine how best to focus efforts in this area.

Related Topics:
5. Energy decisions are influenced by economic, political, environmental, and social factors.
6. The amount of energy used by human society depends on many factors.
4. Various sources of energy are used to power human activities.

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4.1 Humans transfer and transform energy from the environment into forms useful for human endeavors

5.1 Decisions concerning the use of energy resources are made at many levels.

5.4 Energy decisions are influenced by economic factors.

6.8 Amount of energy used can be calculated and monitored.